ADSL is our flagship internet service, with over a vast amount of coverage all around Australia. As the one of the providers of ADSL broadband with one of the widest areas of coverage, we strive to deliver fast internet, great value and fantastic customer service to as many Australian’s as we can.

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    Perfect if you only need a small amount of Internet every month so you are online.

    10GB* $85/mo Critical Information Summary

    If land line phone is not your thing. Perfect for heavy users who use their mobile for calls

    $89/mo Critical Information Summary

Please note that a telephone connection fee may apply and additional hardware costs, such as a modem (or a computer to connect to the internet) may be incurred. Uploads and downloads are counted on allotted service. Your broadband service may be limited to the speeds and types of ADSL available at your local ADSL exchange.

Please find additional support information and our plan terms and conditions here